Who are A&K?


A fashion-merchandising major at FSU, Katelyn has adored fashion and styling outfits her whole life. She has a knack for finding hidden treasures at thrift-stores and poring over vintage princess sweaters from Forever21. She loves a knit crop-top and hot pink bathing suits in the summer weather. When she isn't blogging, she enjoys dyeing her hair, jet-skiing, and Shark Week.


"I would leave the house without eyeliner before I left the house without mascara" can sum up how Andie feels about makeup. She wears her eyeliner in a cats-eye style (an homage to her favorite animal), and always paints her nails before she gets dressed. She can always be found with black eyeliner, red lipstick, and a nautical striped shirt.

These two girls come together to bring you A&K Fashion & Beauty, a blog that promotes street-chic clothing and DIY beauty tips at an affordable and stylish price. After all, they're struggling college students too.

From left to right: Katelyn and Andie outside Season 52 in Tampa, FL. Katelyn wears a 1950s pinup-style dress and Revlon red lipstick. Andie wears a dress from Charlotte Russe, an Aldo headband (thanks for the b-day present, Katelyn!) and Clinique lipstick in "A Different Grape."

Katelyn and Andie hate to name-drop, but this is them with Forrest Kline of Hellogoodbye. Katelyn wears a top from Lotus, which is ironic because she's scared of birds. Andie sports what Katelyn refers to as her "uniform", a blue and white stripe with red lips. Forrest wears a kickin' jacket because he is just so hip we can't handle it. Please notice his hand groping touching Katelyn's bare shoulder. Just saying.