Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sheer Audacity

Bought this top yesterday, a la Charlotte Russe, $19.99
I bought it with my eighteenth birthday in mind (that's four weeks from yesterday, so start shopping, people.) But today, when my brother offered to take me to dinner, I wanted to test-drive it, so to speak.

So I emerge from my bedroom like this:
Reaction: "You are not leaving the house like that."
From my own  brother, nonetheless.
I call Shenanigans on this. Carrie Bradshaw rocked the sheer top/black bra combo all over Manhattan
Man Repeller (aka Fashion Blogger BIBLE) does it.
Even Transformers star and Megan Fox replacement Rosie Huntington-Whitely embraces the sheer trend.
I was bullied into changing into "something decent." So for now, I suppose I'll just have to keep rocking this look around my room and listening to the Killers station on Pandora. At least, until i can find a suitable length bandeau top.
Until next time, 

Betsy on a Budget

You will quickly learn, dear readers, of my obsession with all things Betsy Johnson. No one does it quite like her. I love the colors and the prints and the random bits of fun she throws into her work. It's by far my favorite, and I spend ridiculous amounts of time lusting after things that pass across my computer screen via this lovely site. I mean really, look at some of this stuff.

Be still my heart. Where was this black feather-y masterpiece when i was searching high and low for a prom dress a few months ago? And really, my life will not be complete without this mermaid necklace. 
Betsy jewelry, luckily, is often easy to come by.  Check the jewelry counters at your local department stores (JC Penny, Dillards, Belk), or, on occasion, you can score some simpler pieces for ridiculous prices at T.J.Maxx.  
For everything else, however, I am simply out of luck. I find Betsy shoes often, but the reality of the situation is that I drive a pickup truck that gets approximately 8mpg's, and simply can not justify spending that much on shoes. As much as it pains me. Therefore, to satisfy my cravings for excessive uses of glitter, patterns, and tulle, I've learned a few tricks of the trade. Observe.

Denim romper: $278.00 by Betsy
Chambray Romper: $22.80 @ F21
Denim Romper: $17.99 @ Macy's

Lizzie Combat Boot w/Heel: $149.95 @ Betsy
Tinaaa Suede Bootie $119.95 @ Betsy

Lace-up Buckle Wedge Bootie: $45.50 @ Charlotte Russe
Faux Suede Cage Heel: $25.00 @ Charlotte Russe

Thorn Sleeveless Dress: $418.00 @ Betsy

Tuxedo Corset Top: $19.99 @ Charlotte Russe 
Tulle Mini (available in black): thrifted

Some things just can't be duplicated, but when it comes to interpreting Betsy style into your everyday wardrobe, all it takes is a taste for adventure. And maybe a bedazzler and some hot glue would be helpful as well.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

My name is Katelyn, and I'm a shoe-addict.

I have the uncanny ability to buy shoes that I have absolutely nothing to wear with, which forces me to buy entire outfits based on shoes. It's not healthy, but it's definitely an adventure. For example, today my grandmother, who is fantastic and proof that shoe-addiction is a genetic disorder and i am not to blame, bought me this fabulous pair of maroon heels at Target, $17.00.

I don't know if I've ever been so excited about shoes. I'm sitting on my bed right now, wearing flannel pajamas (yes.) and these heels. I realized, upon recieving them, that I had nothing to wear them with, however. Cue shopping montage.

Here's how to build a look entirely around a pair of shoes (same theories work for other accessories, as well. I won't lie: many of my outfits revolve around earrings i bought on impulse.)
Step 1: Choose a season. These shoes, although open toed, suggest more of a fall/winter vibe, especially paired with black tights and a pretty white trench in the winter. But alas, It is summer, so I'll show a great way to translate them to this season.
Step 2: Identify a core color (black, white, grey, brown, or navy) to complement the shoes. For these, I chose black.
Step 3: Decide whether gold or silver (or pearls, or diamonds) when accessorizing. It's not necessary to accessorize everything, but choosing one of these will still help you to come up with some sort of vision.
Step 4: Begin building, using your previously decided scheme. Sometimes it is possible to add another color to the mix, although I find that with shoes, I usually want them to be the focal point, and generally stick to a more neutral palate when the shoes are colored.

The 50's feel of these T-straps immediately called for a full skirt. How about this one, a la Modcloth. And to add an even more retro feel, a corset top, a pretty floral one from Macy's. Tucked into the skirt and belted (black belt). All that's left are retro shades and a pretty bag (I'm in love with this adorable shell bag, also ModCloth) to make this the perfect outfit for a day on the town. Add a cardi in creme or grey, and it even works for church.
And there you have it: how to handle your impulse shoe buys so that no one knows you have a problem.
XO, Kat

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Katelyn's makeup bag (bonus material)

Lord knows I am NOT an expert on makeup. My theory on eyeliner is, if i can't apply it in 20 seconds at a stop light while rushing to class/work/date night/etc., then it's not worth my time. So don't get used to makeup tips coming from my direction too often. However, I feel like a look inside a girl's makeup bag is the equivalent of looking in a guy's wallet (seriously, how long has he had that condom in there, just in case?), and so, in an attempt to give you some insight on myself, I present to you Katelyn's Makeup Bag (dum dum dummmmm)!



1. Cherry Chapstick: Channeling my inner Katy Perry, I am addicted to this stuff. I bite my lips when I get nervous, so chap stick is really necessary, especially in the winter when the wind off the gulf is brutal.  I also like one with SPF protection, because, being a Floridian, sunscreen courses through my veins. I need it, the same way I need espresso or queso dip.
2. Maybelline ColorDuo in Amethyst/Linen: I have boring, darkkkk brown eyes, but ever since I started using this shadow, people tell me all the time  that I have pretty eyes. Idk why, but I'm not one to argue with a compliment from cute gingers who come into CVS (my place of employment.) I love the purple/brown/gold tint on my lids, darker in the creases, and then I just swipe a little of the Linen color under my brows and in the corners of my eyes, near the tearducts. Instant light for my dark eyes.
3. Hand Sanitizing Spray Pen: I have developed germophobic tendencies from having to count money all day. Money is gross. So I keep one of these on my at all times, preferably one with aloe or coco butter to keep my hands from drying out from all that alcohol. Plus, really good for getting the eyeliner and mascara off my fingertips when I smudge it.
4. Maybelline LashBlast Waterproof Mascara: Obviously I am a Maybelline girl. Maybe I was born with it. (See what I did there? hehehe.) Waterproof is necessary because my contacts act out on a regular basis and try to take a suicide leap out of my eyes. Thanks, Maybelline, because at least my lashes still look good when my eyes are bright red from allergies!
5. NYC Unstoppable Eyeliner: I buy this because it's cheap, goes on smooth, and is easy to get rid of  if when I make a mistake trying to make those perfect little wing tips at the corners of my eyes.
6. Revlon Lipstick: I own eight billion shades of lipstick, but Revlon continues to make my favorites. Not sticky, long-lasting color that doesn't crack or get on my teeth. I dunno what they use to perform this magic, but I suspect dark forces. Not that I care. I just need lipstick. In Peach. And Bubblegum. And Berry Mauve....
7. Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse: I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever  ever ever ever  ever ever ever use another foundation after this. It's great for my sometimes oily skin, light weight so I don't feel like I'm wearing cake on my face, and keeps me from looking shiny/spotty. It's like an airbrush. And easy to apply, it doesn't require any special brushes or sponges. I just use my fingers. AND it doesn't cover up my freckles like liquid foundation often does.
8. Revlon Lip Stain (Just Bitten): Vampire jokes aside, lipstains are genius. Seriously. They're especially good for daytime, because you can go out with a little color on your face but without the seriousness of lipstick. Reminds me of when I was little and would use Cherry Popsicles as lipstick on a hot summer day.
9. Maybelline Pure Blush Minerals: Just the slightest bit of color in my cheeks is all I really need, and this one is light and airy. A little messy though, but the color is perfect.
10. Tweezers, preferably pink ones: I inherited my dad's dark skin and his eyebrows, the latter of which used to be the bain of my existence. Lately I've learned how to avoid overplucking, so I don;t look surprised all the time. These are just for touchups, though. I'd rather just wax them and get the pain over with quickly. Plucking is the beauty equivalent of Chinese Water Torture.

XO, Kat


Let's all take a second and ask ourselves the following questions:

How did I go from looking like this:

To this:

To this:

It's crazy what a little makeup, hair dye, and a flat-iron can do for you. It took me the longest time to learn how to do a makeup style that flatters my face. Like fine wine, we get better with time.

Stay beautiful!

xo Andie

My Makeup Bag

This is my makeup bag. It's dingy, it's dirty, and the inside is so gross that sometimes even I'm afraid to put my hand in it. However, my makeup bag is sturdy and has lasted me through things like shows at Seville, getting dropped in puddles of water, and high school. However, the design of a makeup bag, like a cell phone, isn't nearly as important as what's inside of it. Here's a peek at 10 of the most important things (in no specific order) inside my makeup bag, and why they rule.

  1. NARS Highlighting/Blush duo in Albatross/Orgasm. - If you can get over the fact that NARS has created a blush called "orgasm," this is possibly the best thing you will ever own. My mother got me this set for Christmas in 2009, and I'm still not done with it. That's right kids, it lasts that long. Orgasm (okay, get your giggles out now) goes on very thick so you only need apply a light dusting to the apples of your cheeks to get a lovely summer glow. Brighten up your face by just dabbing the tops of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, the area between and under your lips, and the corners of your eyes with Albatross. Voila! Instant beautification.
  2. Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup Foundation in Shade 01 (because I am pale as all get-out) - Having recently made the switch to liquid foundation, I can say that this is one of the best ones out there. It's not all that expensive ($24 for a bottle of foundation that lasts you quite a while is something I'd invest in!) and does wonders for your skin. Most dermatologists recommend liquid foundation, as it helps hydrate your skin while giving it a dewy glow and doesn't flaunt creases like that dumb mineral powder. (Sorry for those of you who use mineral foundation, there's nothing wrong with the matte look!)
  3. Clinique Airbrush Liquid Concealer in Fair - I'm a teenage girl, which means I'm prone to the occasional blemish on my face. What I've so eloquently dubbed as "Zit-Be-Gone" has done WONDERS for my skin. All you have to do is dab a very small amount over the blemish, blend with your fingers, and let dry before applying foundation. You may want to apply a little more over the foundation and blend again, but I promise your skin will thank you. $19.50 for concealer that actually works? Yes, please.
  4. Clinique Different Lipstick in A Different Grape - This is my all-time favorite lipstick. In fact, I love Clinique lipstick so much, I bought it in Citrus Rose (another favorite), Tender-Heart (for all you lovers of nude lipstick), Bamboo Pink, and All Heart. $14.50 for quality lipstick? Not bad at all. It goes on like butter and does wonders for your lips. Each lipstick is packed with rich emollients to help hydrate and healthy-up your kisser. Another bonus? Dermatologists discovered that A Different Grape is one of several Clinique lipsticks that make teeth look whiter. I'll take three!
  5. Too Faced Bronzer: Caribbean in a Compact in Snow Bunny - It's no surprise that I'm really pale, and I RE-FUSE to fake n' bake. I tend to burn at the beach, and keeping my face looking healthy (AKA with some color) is a priority. You can imagine my delight at finding this sorta-pricey but worth it bronzer at Sephora! This bronzer has lasted me a long time, which is what you want in any kind of makeup. It has four different shades that can be used separately, but when combined, give your face a lovely healthy glow that looks fabulous all year round.
  6. Rimmel Exaggerate Auto Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Noir - While I'll totally splurge for things like blush, foundation, and lipstick, eyeliner and mascara are something I'm willing to spend an average of $4 on at CVS or Target. I've tried a LOT of different eyeliners, and this one doesn't disappoint. My #1 favorite thing about it? IT DOESN'T SMUDGE. The shape of my eyes are really weird, so things tend to get stuck in the creases all the time. Plus, I'm a huge fan of the cats-eye, and there's nothing more annoying than trying to rock that and having the corners fade into your skin. Lame. This has been the best $4 I've ever spent on eyeliner, and I haven't bought another one since.
  7. Maybelline Mascara in One-by-One - I'm really picky about my mascara. If it doesn't make your lashes look fake or can't make it touch your brows, why bother buying it? The whole point of mascara is to make your eyes look like the models' in the ads, right? Am I right, ladies? Thought so. Like eyeliner, I've tried nearly every brand of mascara. I've tried Sephora Brand, Makeup ForEVER, Urban Decay, Too Faced, you name it, it doesn't work. Lo and behold, drugstore brand mascara DOES! Granted, I do layer my mascaras, but this one does the job all on its own. Highly recommended. Your lashes will thank the both of us.
  8. Burt's Bees Lip Balm in Rejuvenating Lip Balm with Acai Berry - Who ISN'T on the acai berry craze these days? Burt's Bees has created a totally lovable, kissable lip balm that I can't get enough of. I am always applying this, especially before I apply my lipstick. I can't stress enough how important it is, ladies, that you apply balm before your lipstick. I recommend this one because it's hydrating and will make your lips feel oh-so rad underneath your lipstick. Another great balm for applying underneath is the regular beeswax, but I like the acai berry because it feels awesome and tastes pretty great too. Not that I'm eating it, but you know.
  9. Stella McCartney "Stella" Roll-On Eau de Parfum - Stella McCartney is one of my idols, and her fragrance is absolutely amazing. This came into my possession at the same time as NARS compact my mom got me, and I swear I must have worn it every day. It JUST ran out back in May when I used the last little drops for a job interview (which I snagged, no biggie). It's $20 for one of the most coveted fragrances out there, lasts long, and smells absolutely yummy. Your senses will thank you.
  10. Listerine PocketMist - I cannot stress to you how important having one (or six) of these in your bag is. Buy one. Buy six. You never know when you're gonna have to go in for a last minute job interview or audition, and trust me: you don't want the interviewers/whoever to know you had Taco Bell for lunch. These are cheap and last you quite a while, not to mention they kill 99.9% of germs! They're no substitute for brushing your teeth, but they do save your butt from time to time.

xo Andie