Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fashion Week Blues

I've spent the last few days quarantined to my dorm room, browsing through pictures and articles and videos from fashion week, and crying from jealousy. Okay, there were never any real tears. But I did curse all the lucky girls running around in their pretty little shoes and gorgeous coats, because I've been wearing a sweatshirt for the past 48 hours. It. Is. Not. Cute.
I'm dragging myself out of my sad little rut to discuss with you the fact that I need a pair of rain-boots. It is pouring in Tally today, I had a math class, a broken umbrella, and sad, inadequate shoes. I'm just going to get sicker if this isn't fixed soon.
I saw a girl leaving my dorm in a lovely plum pair of Hunter boots.
I like them in teal.
Okay nevermind, they cost $125.00
Although these are what I would call an investment piece, I simply don't have that much to invest.
Plan B: Target.


Holy karma, I love Target. All of these LOVELY selections are $32.99. Which isn't exactly a mega-jackpot-sale, but considering how often it rains in the Sunshine State, they're worth every penny.

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