Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sephora Safari

Someone should deck me in the face for my lack of activity on here. I would like to tell you all that I traveled to Africa and saved a bunch of children from starvation, won the Nobel Peace Prize AND the Pulitzer Prize all in one weekend, but sadly, all I did was work, eat cookies, and watch Doctor Who. HOWEVER, I did manage to come up with a few snazzy posts (because my mind is that awesome) for you guys, and this is the first.

I love Sephora. We don't have one here, but whenever I travel I make sure the city I'm going to has one and that I have enough money to blow on products I most definitely can't live without don't need. So here, dear readers (all two of you who subscribed), are some of the things on Sephora that are worth blowing your paycheck on and won't make you feel guilty.

I know that I have blogged about this previously, but I just love it to pieces (funny story - the tube is made  glass, and I once dropped it on our tile floor trying to get it out of my purse. The lid chipped and broke in two pieces). Stella by Stella McCartney Roll-On Eau de Parfum at $20 a tube. And here's the super-awesome part: there is a limited edition set where you can buy four roll-on tubes for $42!!!! THAT'S AN $80 VALUE FOR ONLY $42!!! Imagine I said that like Billy Mays. Excuse the exclamation points and bolding, I am really tired.

I don't understand why they (they = scientific community) have not yet invented something that allows us ladies to mold our eyebrows into the shape/color/thickness we want them to be and then halt the hair-growth so they just stay that way forever. Who likes plucking their eyebrows? Waxing is my preferred method, but I only get my brows waxed when I go in for a hair cut, which we all know only happens about once a year (I know, shame on me). However, there is a solution: brow (I typed bro) goddess Anastasia has put together a kit of all her best brow-goodies which include things such as cooling eye brightener, lash lifting mascara, stencils, precision tweezers for runway perfect brows, and a nifty little DVD/instruction guide so you'll have flawless brows. It's a little pricey, at $75, but that's way better than $171 value.

I was trying really hard to keep this under $50, I swear. But this is INCREDIBLY worth it. I bought (well actually, Mom bought) me this little gem in July right before my junior year of high school, and it seriously lasted me all the way up through December. No joke. Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit. $65 for a $159 value? YES! It contains a primer, foundation, concealer and brightener, two brushes, a sponge, a puff, and powder to seal off your flawless face. It even has a lovely little bag to store your goodies in! It comes in "Nude" (for fair to light complexions, aka me) and "Sand" (for light to medium, aka Katelyn in the wintertime). 

I just had an anneurism when I checked Sephora for their Kiehls page and saw they don't carry the brand anymore. SINCE WHEN, SEPHORA? If someone could be so kind as to let me know, it would be much appreciated. Muchas gracias. ANYWAY, if I can't have Kiehls, I go to L'Occitane. It's just as good, don't get me wrong, but I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuv me some Kiehls. L'Occitane does make a pretty rad lotion though. It's Shea Butter Hand Cream and will make your hands feel like they're flying with an angel while eating red velvet cupcakes and stroking the fur of a kitten. You can buy 1oz for $10 or 5.2oz for $26. Personally I'd splurge and go for the 5.2oz because that way you have more to enjoy!

I swear by this; I really truly do. My skin gets somewhat oily, but I definitely have to wash it twice a day if I want to avoid looking like I've been "glistening" all day long. I've tried many skincare regimes (except Proactive - my skin isn't THAT bad) but this is the only one that doesn't dry up my skin and leaves it looking healthy right after I wash it. Clinique's Acne Solutions kit comes with a cleansing face wash with salicilic acid, (buy the foam, not the bar), clarifying toner with salicilic acid (it's really gross/fascinating to look at the cotton ball after you've wiped off your face and go "ewww, THAT'S how much dirt is on my face?!?!?!"), and then a benzoyl peroxide moisturizer that zaps problem zits practically overnight. Just use twice a day after taking off your makeup and voila! It doesn't take a lot of product to clear your skin up, so $32.50 goes a long way.

What are some good things you've found on Sephora? We'd love to know!



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