Monday, August 1, 2011

Evolution pt. 2

Climb into my metaphorical time machine, it's quite the journey back through high school.
I present to you (drumrollllllll) the Evolution of Katelyn (or "Lessons I learned along the way.")

Here's a gem. 8th grade.

Lesson: Don't be afraid of color

This one is particularly shudder inducing. 9th grade. I remember thinking my white zip up hoodie was IT! And a black bubble mini? Tres chic!

Lesson: All trends don't work for all people. Know your body type, personal style, color pallate, etc.

Homecoming, 11th grade. I was mostly excited because I lost some weight (thanks, mono!) and was able to fit into a dress from 8th grade. And it was one of my better homecoming choices, to be honest. Classy black and red, flattering cut. That's my natural hair on a good day.

Lesson: Sometimes, less is more.

The magic of trasformation. On the left, 12th grade, long hair. On the right, 12th grade, short hair.

Lesson: A simple change can make a world of difference. Sometimes, the risk is soooo worth the reward.

12th grade, Homecoming.  This dress cost me $35.00 and made me feel like Katy Perry. I died my hair black that morning, and between the color and the sequins, achieved ultimate shock factor. It was brilliant.

Lesson: Sometimes, more is more. Especially when it involves glitterrrr.*
                     *use with caution to avoid prostitute references.

 12th grade, ITC in Tampa. Finally comfortable with my appearance. Pretty much how I look now, only with red hair (Sorry, no good pictures were available at press time.)

Lesson: When you're comfortable in what you're wearing, it'll show.

Well, that was painful. How about you guys? Any major makeovers? Drastic changes? Embarrassing photos from your teen years? Feel free to share, I love to hear from you.

XO, Kat

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