Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meet Chelsea

Okay, so this post is not to show off our fantastic wedges (rest assured, there WILL be a post dedicated completely to platform wedges, we lurvvve them), but to introduce you to Chels, who I am dubbing "Thrift Queen" because no one does it better. If she knew I was featuring her here, she'd probably kill me, except shes incapable of being anything but gorgeous and absolutely fantastic. I'm sure I'll be showing you lots more of her, because she is a great example of translating trends to daily life.Ok, quick Chels bio.
Ms. Driver is 18, and half of a dynamic twin duo. She enjoys sushi, cupcakes, biking through East Hill, wearing retro bathing suits with high wastes, and finger dancing all over town. She looks like this.

Obviously, she's fabulous. Keep an eye out for more Chelsea-inspired looks 
XO, Kat

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