Thursday, July 21, 2011

My name is Katelyn, and I'm a shoe-addict.

I have the uncanny ability to buy shoes that I have absolutely nothing to wear with, which forces me to buy entire outfits based on shoes. It's not healthy, but it's definitely an adventure. For example, today my grandmother, who is fantastic and proof that shoe-addiction is a genetic disorder and i am not to blame, bought me this fabulous pair of maroon heels at Target, $17.00.

I don't know if I've ever been so excited about shoes. I'm sitting on my bed right now, wearing flannel pajamas (yes.) and these heels. I realized, upon recieving them, that I had nothing to wear them with, however. Cue shopping montage.

Here's how to build a look entirely around a pair of shoes (same theories work for other accessories, as well. I won't lie: many of my outfits revolve around earrings i bought on impulse.)
Step 1: Choose a season. These shoes, although open toed, suggest more of a fall/winter vibe, especially paired with black tights and a pretty white trench in the winter. But alas, It is summer, so I'll show a great way to translate them to this season.
Step 2: Identify a core color (black, white, grey, brown, or navy) to complement the shoes. For these, I chose black.
Step 3: Decide whether gold or silver (or pearls, or diamonds) when accessorizing. It's not necessary to accessorize everything, but choosing one of these will still help you to come up with some sort of vision.
Step 4: Begin building, using your previously decided scheme. Sometimes it is possible to add another color to the mix, although I find that with shoes, I usually want them to be the focal point, and generally stick to a more neutral palate when the shoes are colored.

The 50's feel of these T-straps immediately called for a full skirt. How about this one, a la Modcloth. And to add an even more retro feel, a corset top, a pretty floral one from Macy's. Tucked into the skirt and belted (black belt). All that's left are retro shades and a pretty bag (I'm in love with this adorable shell bag, also ModCloth) to make this the perfect outfit for a day on the town. Add a cardi in creme or grey, and it even works for church.
And there you have it: how to handle your impulse shoe buys so that no one knows you have a problem.
XO, Kat

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